Conscious Living Resources

As I’ve been on a continuing journey of discovery I have been scouring the internet and elsewhere for resources on how to better live in harmony with the Planet and take positive action.

This list will definitely grow and evolve over time as I keep doing research and learning, but here are some of the websites, blogs, Instagram pages, Facebook groups, books, articles, documentaries, and podcasts that I’ve discovered (and been recommended) and personally found very helpful. I’ve tried to categorize by media type, but all these sources have provided me with great resources and knowledge and I encourage you to check them all out as time permits and your interest grows. If you have other great resources, please share in the comment section so I can look up and add.

Conscious Living & Learning Resources

Websites / Blogs

  • Going Zero Waste – This website is full of incredible resources and information. Don’t be a afraid of the “Zero Waste” aspect, its’ creator, Kathryn shares knowledge is easy to digest ways, and gives tons of tips on how to start making positive changes and live in a way that makes less of a footprint. Here are some great blog posts to start with:
  • I Quit PlasticsA website and blog by @plasticfreemermaid , she share great tips and information on how to use less, DIY products and recipes, and news about the detriment of plastics
  • How to Save the World Podcast – “We believe that change happens from the ground up, and our platform promotes that ideal by propagating the belief that we are all capable of making daily changes that make a big difference in the long run.”



  • @GoingZeroWaste – IG version with helpful and inspiring snippets of this info and personal shares from Kathryn, highly recommend following.
  • @PlasticFreeMermaid is passionate about the oceans and has been plastic free for a decade and shares tons of great tips and information about how to live without plastic
  • @ChicksForClimate – Where feminism and environmentalism come together. Tips, news and facts about climate change
  • @PlasticFreeJulyAustralian non-profit that started this movement & challenge of going Plastic Free every July. They share tons of great info about plastic and more sustainable swaps to make in you life, home, and workplace.
  • @howtosavetheworldpodcastThey aim to promote sustainability via daily habit shifts, tips + tricks, and eco-friendly solutions!
  • @EarthlingEdEd shares great information about animal rights, the meat & dairy industry, and about justice, compassion & equality
  • @TerraCycle — Daily dose of eco-facts & sustainability hacks from the award-winning company Eliminating the Idea of Waste® 1 person at a time #RecycleEverything ♻️
  • @leahstellapayne – A writer, editor, and mom who’s trying to live an eco-friendly life with less waste, in a small home.
  • @TheEthicalNomadShares about sustainable living, green alternatives, sustainable travel, and love for animals and the outdoors.
  • @LonelyWhale – Inspiring ocean impact and action.

Facebook Groups

  • Going Zero Waste (created and monitored by Kathryn Kellog)
  • Zero Waste PDX (for local Portland, Oregonians)
  • Vegan for Her (group of women and those who identify who are interested in, transitioning, or living a vegan lifestyle)