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During her time running her “Healthy Living Dreams” fitness and health account, Alena collaborated with a variety of health and fitness brands, was interviewed by, and featured and named as one of Moguls Top 30 Fitness Stars of 2016  and Pop Sugar’s “Best BBG instagram accounts to follow

Since shifting to Self-Love and Care, and Sustainable Living and Travel, Alena has been interviewed for the Self-Care Project in the piece “Love Yourself, Unapologetically”. She regularly writes and contributes to blog articles for Handful Activewear on on a variety of topics including self-care, women empowerment, and travel. Recent posts include “7 Ways to Practice Self-Love and Self-Care Everyday”.

For collaborations requests please email

Alena shares her journey on:

INSTAGRAM: @alenaelizabeth

FACEBOOK:Healthy Living Dreams

 TWITTER  @alenaelizabeth

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