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READY TO LIFT: Leg & Booty Guide



A 12 Week Weight Lifting Program, created by Alena Almquist-Heater and Brittany Phelps.

Ready To Lift: Leg & Booty Guide is split into 3 sections of 4 weeks, with 36 workouts total. Each week and each section gets harder as you progress, introducing new exercises and methods of weightlifting. Full picture glossary with descriptions of each move in the back. This program is meant to be used in a gym, but with some modifications and substitutions could be done at home as well.

Each week you’ll have one light weight day, one HIIT/Plyo Day, and a Heavy weight day. The program can be used a base for your training, adding in a few upper body workouts and some form of cardiovascular exercise, or could be plugged into a fitness routine you already follow. With most weight training moves you will work your entire body, including your core, back, arms and lower body, especially during compound moves such as squats and deadlifts. However this program is focused on legs and booty, so you should still have days dedicated to your other upper body muscle groups to round out your training.

This program is meant to help make you stronger, get you more comfortable in the gym and help you to reach your goals.

You’ll never get bored either, each day and week has a different workout.

So the only question left is, Are You Ready To Lift with us??


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