Healthy Living Dreams

cropped-image14.jpegWe each have our own story, our history, our different experiences, opinions, our life plans, hopes, dreams, fears, aspirations and wishes. And each of our journeys is as beautiful and unique as the next. 

This website/blog is a dedication to a passion for life, all things fitness and health, exploring the World, living abroad and finding a healthy balance through it all. It is a collection of my personal experiences, research, and opinions that I want to share with others, in hopes that I might motivate, inspire and encourage someone else to change their life for the better, in whatever way that may be.  


❤ Alena Elizabeth

6 thoughts on “Healthy Living Dreams

  1. Barbara says:

    I really appreciate your sharing this experience. I’ve been following your instagram and Kayla’s for a while now. I’m considering purchasing something from her but I have so many questions about the guides and the process. Is there a place to ask these questions of Kayla (or you) before I decide to purchase or not? I haven’t been able to find a place on her website for questions…


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